Space industry

Space chamber (Helium refrigerator)

sports and entertainment

�X�|�[�c�E��y Absorption chiller,Centrifugal chiller
Spot air conditioner
Air to air heat exchanger


�a�@ Packaged Air Conditioners
Air to air heat exchanger


Chilling unit �z�e��
Gas engine heat pump
air-conditioning system
Commercial refrigerator-freezer

Food-processing industry

�H�i���H�� Packaged Air-Conditioners
Spot air-conditioner
Large ice machine
Prefab refrigerator-freezer

Power generation

Packaged Air-Conditioners
Large air-conditioning system

Chemical industry

Chiller for petroleum refining system

Low-temperature storage

�ቷ�q�� Large refrigeration system

Maritime transportation

�^�A�i�C��j Refrigeration unit for fisshing boat

Land transportation

�^�A�i����j Carrier refrigeration container

Land transportation

Air-conditioning system for rail vehicles

Commercial field

���� Packaged Air Conditioners
Gas engine heat pump air-conditioning system
Air to air heat exchanger
Freezer showcase    

Fresh market

���N�s�� Packaged Air Conditioners for shops & facilities

�y�� Civil engineering

Waste heat utilization Freeze prevention and snow melting system �r�M���p


air-conditioning systems
Spot air conditioners
Clean room

Public facilities and schools

�����{�݁i�w�Z�j Large air-conditioning system
Packaged Air Conditioners

Home Appliances

�ƒ� Room Air-Conditioners
Heat pump water heater

Agricultural Research Institute

Ultra-low temperature storage


Green House

Agriculture (fruit)

Fruit refrigerator


Wood dryer

Power Transmission

Transformer cooling equipment


���� Temperature control of the brewing plant

Dairy equipment

���_�i�{�Y�j Barn air-conditioner

Air Transport

�^�A�i��j Air conditioners for aircrafts

Civil engineering and construction

Cab cooler for the civil engineering machinery

Office building

District heating and cooling system

Civil engineering

Dam Cooling

It is an illustration that how refrigeration and air conditioning are involved in our daily life.
When you click the balloon, provides an example of the various systems of refrigeration and air conditioning.