The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association



The International Symposium on HCFC Altermative Refrigerants '96

Technology Update on Practical Use for Aire Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment

December 5 (Thursday) - 6 (Friday), 1996

Keynote Address
Takeshi Ueda, Director, Ozone Layer Protection Office, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan
Tsuguhiro Amano, President, Japan Refrigeration and Air Condisioning Industry Association, Japan
Mark Menzer, Vice President, Engineering and Research, Air-Conditioning and Refrigetaion Insutitute, U.S.A.
Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
Takahiro Suzuki, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
Performance Evaluation of RAC with R410A
Takeshi Ito, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan
Performance Evaluation of Room Air Conditioner with R410A
Nobuo Domyo, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Japan
Performance and Reliability of 407C Packaged Air Conditioner
Kazuo Fujibayashi, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
Evaluation of Performance and Reliability of Split Heat Pump R.A.C. using R410A
Takashi Okazaki, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
Heat Transfer Characteristics in Horizontal Tubes for R407C and R410A
Yoshinori Kobayashi, Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
Experimental Study of a Room Air-Conditioner using R410A
Larry Burns, Carrier Corporation, U.S.A.
R-410A Experiences in Unitary Air Conditioner Systema
Michiyoshi Kusaka, Matsushita Refrigeration Company, Japan
System Performance Evaluation of R32/125/134a Composition Change for Packages Heat Pump
Masahiro Nakayama , Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
System Performance Evaluation of R410A in a Room Air Conditioner
Shigeharu Taira, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Japan
Experimental Evaluation of Room Air Conditioner with Swing Compressor for R-410A
Len Van Essen, Lennox Industries Inc., U.S.A.
Results of a Field Test Using R-407C in Split System Heat Pumps
Hideyuki Ueda, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
Evaluation of Scroll Compressor for Alternative Refrigerants
Makoto Hayano, Toshiba Corporation, Japan
Performance Evaluation of 2-Cylinder Rotary Compressor for R410A
Taro Kato, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
Comparison of Compressor Efficiency between Rotary and Scroll type with R410A and R407C
Shuichi Yamamoto, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan
Performance Evaluation of Scroll Compressor for R410A
Hiroyuki Taniwa, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Japan
Study of Characteristics of Swing Compressor using with R410A
Tsuyoshi Higuchi, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
Performance and Reliability Evaluation of Rotary Compressor for R410A
Takahide Itoh, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan
Characteristics of R410A Scroll Compressor for Room Air Conditioners
Large Chiller and Commercial Refrigeration
Yasuaki Seyama, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
Development of Condensing Units with R404A
Kenji Ueda, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan
Large Capacity 4-stages Centrifugal Heat Pump Employing R-134a
Masato Takeda, Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd., Japan
NH3 Industrial Refrigeration Application
Takeshi Fujimaru, Fukushima Industries Corp., Japan
Performance of Display Case Refrigerated by R404A
Sung Lim Kwon, Thermo King Corporation, U.S.A.
Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing Alternative Refrigerant R404A
in Transport Refrigeration Systems
Thomas Watson, McQuay International. U.S.A.
A Comparison of R-22 and R-410A in Screw Water Chillers
Andrew Smith, Castrol International, U.K.
Retrofit Applications of Polyol Esters
Kark Davis, Lubrizol Corporation, U.S.A.
Formulation of Low Viscosity Polyol Ester Refrigeration Lubricants
Tohru Matsuno, Japan Sun Oil, Japan
New Synthetic Refrigeration Oil Suitable for R410A & R407C Applications
Minoru Takagi, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Japan
In a Practical Performance of New Ether Type Lubricants for HCFCs Alternative Refrigerants
Masanori Saito, Nippon Oil Company, Japan
Miscible and Immiscible Refrigeration Lubricant for HFCs
Dave Morrison, ICI Klea, U.K.
An Evaluation of the Effects of Lubricants on the Thermodynamic Properties and Performance of
Refrigerant Mixtures in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Cycle
Tadashi Iizuka, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
Material Compatibility for R22 Alternative Refrigerant and Oil
Refrigerants and Desiccants
Tsuyoshi Takaichi, Showa Denko K. K., Japan
Introduction & Summary
Masato Fukushima, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., Japan
Current Status of Alternative Refrigerants in Japan
Michael Hughes, AlliedSignal Inc., U.S.A.
Alternatives for R-22 in the U.S.A. and the Rationale for Their Selection
Terry Ritter, Calor Gas Ltd., England
Current Status of Alternative Refrigerants in Europe
Hajime Kushida, Union Showa K. K., Japan
Development of Molecular Sieve Desiccants for Alternative Refrigerants
Regulations and Standards
Haruo Ohnishi, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Japan
Current Status and Trend for Regulations and Standards
Hiroki Umeki, DuPont-Mitsui Fluorochemicals Co., Ltd., Japan
Japanese Regulations and Standards for Alternative Refrigerants
William Walter, Carrier Corporation, U.S.A.
Current Status of ASHRAE Standard 34, Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants