The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association



The International Symposium on HCFC Alternative Refrigerants and Environmental Technology 2002

Latest Technology for Energy Conservation, Refrigerants and Recycling on Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment for contribute to the 21st Century

December 5 (Thursday) - 6 (Friday), 2002

Keynote Address
Kiyoshi Hara,JICOP
Recent Global EnvironmentalIssues and Efforts of Japanese Industries
keishi Takagi, Chairman of the Environment Subcommittee,JRAIA
Now & Future View of Environmental Issues In Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Industry
Emission Reduction Technology of Refrigerants
Masao Kurachi, JRAIA/Refrigerants Recovery Issue Committee
The Present Condition and Issue of the Recovery and Recycling of Refrigerants in Japan
Fumihiko Mitsui, Tasco Japan Co., Ltd., Japan
Development of the Analyzing Apparatus for Fluorocarbon
Toshihiko Ohashi, Asada Corporation, Japan
Development of the Recovery unit, Equipped with Parallel and Series Transfer Switch of the Compressor and Multi-Step Type Recovery Unit for Low Boiling Point Refrigerant
Shinichi Enomoto, Espec Corporation, Japan
Development of High-Test Refrigerant Recovery Machine Using Direct Cooling System
Energy Conservation and Rational Use of Energy
Tadao Tsuji, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Japan
JRAIA's Save Energy Current Activities and Recognition of Future Problems
Hitoshi Hattori, Toshiba Carrier Corporation, Japan
Development of Retail Facility & Office Air-Conditioners with R410A
Keizo Kobayashi, Mayekawa Mfg. CO., Ltd, Japan
Development of the Ammonia Rankine Cycle Generation System Using Heat Energy of a Hot Spring
Masayoshi Nonaka, Hitachi Home & Life Solutions, Inc., Japan
Development o Room Air-Conditioner with R401A
Ritsu Honma, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd,. Japan
Development of High-Efficiency Gas-Fires Absorption Chiller-Heater
Masato Yosomiya, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
Development of the Re-Heat Cycle System and the Non-washing Replacement in Packaged Air-Conditioner
Satoshi Hashimoto, Daikin Systems & Solutions Laboratory, Ltd., Japan
Adoptive Energy Conservation System for Air-Conditioning Using Weather Forecast
Atsushi Kubota, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
Development of High Performance Heat Exchangers Using Asymmetrically Shaped Offset- Slit Fins
Nelson Mugabi, Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd., Japan
Cooling Systems Working with Natural Refrigerants
Kei Akatsuka, Sanyo Electric Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., Japan
Development of High Efficiency GHP J1 Series
Yuhachi Takakura, Hitachi Home & Life Solution, Inc., Japan
Development of Inverter Technology for Air Conditioners
Takahiro Nishikawa, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
Development of Fuel Gas Compressor For Micro Gas Turbine
Osamu Morimoto, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
Development of the High Efficient Air Conditioning System for Replacement with New Refrigerant Unit
Future Perspectives for Refrigerant Selection
Donald B. BIVENS / Barbara H. MINOR, DuPont Fluoroproducts, U.S.A.
Benefits of HFCs and Countermeasures Against Global Warming
Keiichi Maruo, F&F International
Research on Fluorine Containing New Refrigerants: Status of the Development and Remained Challenges
Osami Kataoka, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Japan
Commercialization of Non-Fluorinated Refrigerants - Mainly HFEs -
Makoto Kaibara, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Ltd., Japan
A Summary of the Survey of CO2 Refrigerant Technology Research for Air-Conditioner
James M. Calm, Engineering Consultant
A Perspective on Future Refrigerant Selections
Sukumar Devotta, National Chemical Laboratory, India
Choice of Refrigerants in India-Opportunities an Challenges
Future Refrigerants, Their Performance and Characteristics
Michiaki Nakanishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan
The Room Air-Conditioner Performance Characteristics with R32
Tomoyoshi Obayashi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
Development of a Heat Pump Unit for Supplying Hot Water by Controlling and Varying refrigerant Mixture Composition of for Cold Area
Masahiro Kobyashi, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater for cold Area
Hitoshi Matsushita, Hitachi, Ltd., Japan
Development of a Heat Exchanger or High Pressure Refrigerants
Kenji Takaichi, Matsushita Refrigerator Using Non-Flon
(CFC-free, HCFC-free, HFC-free) Refrigerant
Minoru Tenmyo, Toshiba Corporation Home Appliance Company, Japan
The Non-Flon Refrigerator that Considered the Environment
Lubricants and Reliability of Compressors
Takahide Itoh, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan
Evaluation of Motor Driven Scroll Compressor for Car Air-Conditioner
Teruhiko Nishiki, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
Development of Scroll Compressor with New Compliance Mechanism
Masahide Higuchi, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Japan
Development of a Swing Compressor for CO2 Refrigerant
Simon Wang, Copeland Corporation, U.S.A.
Digital Scroll Technology
Atsushi Sakuda, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd,. Japan
Development of Scroll Compressor with New Sealing-Oil Supply Mechanism
Hideo Hirao, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co,. Ltd,. Japan
Influence of Water in Oil on Wear and Friction
Masayoshi Itoh, Japan Sun Oil Company, Ltd., Japan
The Characteristic of Materials Used as the Refrigeration Oil For CO2 Refrigerant
Kazuo Tagawa, Nippon Oil Corporation, Japan
Effect of Refrigeration Lubes on the efficiency of the refrigeration system
Harutomo Ikeda, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Japan
Compatibility of Various Process Fluids with Refrigeration Oils
Hitoshi Takahashi, Japan Energy Corporation, Japan
Characteristics of Refrigerant-Oil Mixture; R290-Mineral Oil, POE and PAG
Tsuneji Sugano, Hitachi Home & Life Solution Inc., Japan
Study of Corrected Refrigerant and Oil form Products
Kazuataka Morita, Association for Electric Home Appliances, Japan
The Results and Current Status of the Law for Recycling of Specified of Consumer Electric Goods
Yasuto Iseki, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
The State of Air Conditioner Recycling in Japan
Yoshihiro Tanabe, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
A Case Study of Room Air Conditioner, DFD (Design for Disassembly)
Kazuo Fujibayashi, Hitachi Home & Life Solution, Inc., Japan
Product Assessment for Room Air-Conditioner
Shigehiro Sato Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, Japan
LCA Case Study for an Air-Conditioner with "Reuse" Components