The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association


Program Nov.20.2014(Thu)


The International Symposium on New Refrigerants and Environmental Technology 2014

- Latest Technology of Energy Conservation, New Refrigerants and Environment issue on Air conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment including Automotive A/C for lead up to the 21st Century -

Thank you indeed for coming to "The International Symposium on New Refrigerants and Environmental Technology 2014".
It ended in success.

Thursday, November 20

8:00 - 9:00 Registration
9:00 - 10:30 Opening Address
  1. Kobe City (TBA)
  2. Ichiro Hongo, Chairman of the board, JRAIA
Keynote Address
  1. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Jakobs(Information centre on Heat Pumps and Refrigeraton, IZW e.V. Germany)
  2. Masafumi Ohki, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan
10:30 - 10:40 Refreshment Break
10:40 - 12:00 Technical Session 1 : Environment issue

Moderator: Tatsumi Kannon, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan
Yutaka Ishii, Sanden Corporation,Japan

  1. 1.1  Speaker (TBA)
  2. Bilateral Cooperation project in Thailand (Conversion of refrigeration in RAC)
  3. 1.2  hang Zhaohui, China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (CRAA) , China
  4. Refrigerant Substitution Development in China R&AC industry
  5. 1.3  Hiroki Kudo, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
  6. Activities of the Energy Efficiency S&L Policy Development Supporting Project in Asian Countries
  7. 1.4 Andrea Voigt, The European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), Belgium
  8. New f-gas rules in the EU: opportunity or threat for industry
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch & Poster Session
13:00 - 14:40 Technical Session 2 : Energy Conservation 1

Moderator: Kazuhisa Mishiro, Sharp Corporation, Japan
Shuji Fukano, Mayekawa Mfg Co., Ltd., Japan

  1. 2.1  Masahide Sumi, ASADA CORPORATION
  2. Safety and energy saving in terms of early detection and prevention of mind flammability refrigerant leak
  3. 2.2  Motoshi Matsushita, Sharp Corporation, Japan
  4. Low Speed Compressor Drive for Air Conditioner and Refrigerator using Control of Power Factor of PM Motor
  5. 2.3  Shinsuke Takeuchi, DENSO CORPORATION,Japan
  6. Research and development of micro-fin adsorber
  7. 2.4  Miyagi Kosuke, Sanden Corporation,Japan
  8. Development of saving energy system using CO2 refrigerant for Convenience Store
  9. 2.5  Takashi Inoue, Panasonic Corporation, Japan
  10. Development of non-fron refrigeration system using Carbon Dioxide Refrigerant
14:40 - 14:50 Refreshment Break
14:50 - 16:35 Technical Session 3 : Safety of 2L Refrigerants 1

Moderator: Hiroichi Yamaguchi, Toshiba Carrier Corporation, Japan
Tsutomu Nozaki, Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Research Laboratory, Japan

  1. 3.1  Eiji Hihara, Chairman, A2L Risk Evaluation Committee, JSRAE, Japan
  2. Research project on risk assessment of mildly flammable refrigerants in Japan
  3. 3.2  Tomohiko Imamura, Tokyo University of Science, Suwa, Japan
  4. Experimental evaluation of physical hazard of A2L refrigerant assuming actual handling situation
  5. 3.3  Kenji Takizawa, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
  6. Fundamental and Practical Flammability Properties of 2L Refrigerants
  7. 3.4  Tei Saburi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
  8. Hazard assessment of the combustion of mildly flammable refrigerants
  9. 3.5  Tomohiro Higashi, Tokyo University
  10. Diesel combustion of oil and refrigerant mixture during pump-down of air conditioners
16:35 - 16:45 Refreshment Break
16:45 - 18:25 Technical Session 4 : Lubricants and Compressors 1

Moderator: Takashi Morimoto, Panasonic Corporation, Japan
Takashi Kaimai, JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, Japan

  1. 4.1  Hajime Sato, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan
  2. Development of high-efficiency large-capacity scroll compressor for VRF
  3. 4.2  Yasutaka Itoh, Toshiba Corporation, Japan
  4. Development of lubrication analysis technology for rotary compressor mechanisms
  5. 4.3  Fumikazu Nagaoka, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
  6. Development of Scroll compressor for 16HP VRF system
  7. 4.4  Souichirou Konno, JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, Japan
  8. Development of refrigeration oil for R32
  9. 4.5  Rei Saito, Japan Sun Oil Company, Ltd., Japan
  10. Refrigeration oil and low GWP refrigerants to be studied to various devices for refrigeration and air conditioning
18:25 Move to Portopia Hotel
18:45 - 20:45 Welcome reception
at Room “Kairaku” Portopia Hotel (Main Building/ B1F)