CRAA, KRAIA and JRAIA, Trilateral Industrial Association Annual Meeting 2023 was held online


No.693 2023年9月

The annual meeting of the three countries' industrial associations was held online in August 2023, hosted by KRAIA (the Korea Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association).

2022; Online hosted by CRAA in May, linked here
2021; Online hosted by JRAIA in September, linked here
2020; Suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic
2019; @Busan, Republic of Korea hosted by KRAIA in May, linked here
2018; @Kunming, People's Republic of China hosted by CRAA in July, linked here

The Trilateral HVAC&R Industry Associations of Korea, China and Japan hold an annual meeting on a rotating basis for each association to exchange related information. Following last year's meeting, this year's meeting was held online on Wednesday, 2 August 2023.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 2 August 2023, 14:30 – 16:10(JST)
Venue (in Japan): Meeting room 5S-4, Kikai-Shinko Building

KRAIA (Korea Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association)
Sunghee Kang (Chairman), Sungyong Kim (President), Jongsik Ham (Carrier), Jaeho Lee (Executive director), Christine Kim (Chief Director, international affairs) 5 people

CRAA (China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association)
Li Jiang (Chairman), Liu Xiaohong (Deputy secretary general), Chen Jingliang (Deputy secretary general), Li Si/ Zhu Yiping (International affairs) 5 people

JRAIA (The Japan Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association)
Yasumichi Tazunoki (Chairman), Yoshinori Watanabe/ Hideaki Maeyama (Mitsubishi Electric), Tetsuji Okada (President), Hideaki Kasahara/Koji Hatano/Miyuki Tsuji (International Affairs), Kaori Asakura (General Affairs)
8 people

1. Call to order
2. Opening remarks by KRAIA, Introduction of participants and Photo session
3. Reports from each association and Q&A
4. Next meeting
5. Closing remarks by KRAIA

The meeting opened with a speech by Mr. Sunghee Kang, Chairman of KRAIA, followed by an introduction of the participants from each association and a group photo with a screenshot.

photo session
Photo:Photo session

Reports from each association introduced market trends, legal and regulatory developments trends and refrigerant conversion activities in their respective countries are presented, followed by a Q&A session.

Efforts toward carbon neutrality are underway in each country, it was a lively discussion about the action plans of each country's governments and the efforts and progress of the industry. It became a place for useful information exchange, although the meeting was held online in English with interpreters.

The next meeting was agreed to be held online hosted by JRAIA, and the meeting was closed with a speech by Mr. Sunghee Kang, Chairman of KRAIA.

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