ICARHMA 2021 was held on Online.


No.680 2021年11月

On 13th October 2021, ICARHMA (The International Council of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Manufacturers Association), an international council of eleven global refrigeration, air conditioning and heating industry associations held annual meeting.

Each industry association hosts the meeting on a rotating basis, but due to the COVID-19, annual meeting was held online as previous year. Due to the time differences between the various regions of the world, the meeting lasted one and a half hours from 8pm JST (7am US EST).

33 participants from 11 organisations of ABRAVA(Brazil), ACAIRE(Colombia), AHRI(USA), AREMA(Australia), CRAA(China), EPEE(Europe), Eurovent(Europe), HRAI(Canada), KRAIA(Korea), RAMA(India) and JRAIA attended the meeting.

Following members from JRAIA attended the meeting;
- Futoshi Nishizaki (chairman / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems),
- Kenji Matsuda (policy board chairman/ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems),
- Tetsuji Okada (president),
- Hideaki Kasahara (General Manager, International Affairs Dept.)
- Miyuki Tsuji (Manager, International Affairs Dept.)

Following the presentation by guest speaker Joe Dunlap of CBRE, on the current state of the US manufacturing supply chain USA, each industrial association reported on important issues facing their country. JRAIA introduced comments on the Japanese Government's Plan for Global Warming Countermeasures and Long-term Strategy under the Paris Agreement. This year, in addition to the impact of the COVID-19 on HVAC&R industry in particular (including IAQ/indoor air quality issue), the impact on the industry, including trends in the revision of the EU’s F-Gas regulation and the carbon neutrality policies of various governments has been shared.

Next annual meeting is scheduled to be held face to face, sometime around autumn 2022, to be hosted by EPEE.