Estimates of World Air conditioner Demand


No.687 2022年11月

JRAIA have released the Estimates of World Air conditioner Demand in 2021.

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The world's total air conditioner demand in 2021 is estimated at 110,041 thousand units,which represents 102% of the world demand a year before.

Looking at the 2021 world demand in terms of Japan, China and other regions, the largest demand is from China, of which demand is estimated to have reached 41,305 thousand units, representing 98% of its 2020 demand. China's demand accounts for 38% of the world's total demand. Next  to China, the Asian region (excluding Japan and China) stands at 17,987 thousand units, followed by North America with 16,515 thousand units, Japan with 10,201 thousand units, Europe with 8,885 thousand units and Latin America with 6,547 thousand units.

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